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Phoenix City Grille is Central Phoenix's Best Bourbon Bar


From the Blue Grass
(Small Batch Bourbons)

Bourbon whiskey is a type of American whiskey – a barrel-aged distilled spirit made primarily from corn. The name of the spirit derives from its historical association with an area known as Old Bourbon, around what is now Bourbon County, Kentucky (which, in turn, was named after the French House of Bourbon royal family). It has been produced since the 18th century. While it may be made anywhere in the United States, it is strongly associated with the American South in general, and Kentucky in particular.

See videos from our Kentucky Taste Tour taken in the Spring of 2019. We toured the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and visiting several distilleries 

Kentucky Taste Tour Episode 1 200 Kentucky Taste Tour Episode 2 The Pendennis Club 200 Kentucky Taste Tour Episode 3 Seviche 200
Episode #1 - Introduction
Episode #2 - The Pendennis Club
Episode #3 - Seviche
Kentucky Taste Tour Episode 4 Buffalo Trace Kentucky Taste Tour Episode 4 Buffalo Trace Kentucky Taste Tour Episode 6 Jim Beam
Episode #4 - Buffalo Trace
Episode #5 - Maker's Mark
Episode #6 - Jim Beam


Bourbon List
Download our most recent list as of (11.10.2020).

The list is constantly changing so check with our bartenders for the most current selection available.